Everything about GTA San Andreas 1.0


Free support program to know how GTA San Andreas really works.

There are many fans of GTA San Andreas who will appreciate this free program for Windows. If you're a massive fan of the game then this program is for you, as it functions as a support and teaches you everything about how San Andreas works. This is essential for any fan who wishes to get as much as possible out of the game. You can learn about Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, the three cities featured in the game, along with all the information you need to play Carl Johnson, CJ to his friends and enemies alike.

It contains exhaustive information about clothing, food, the gangs that take part in the game, the locations, the vehicles, the weapons, and much more. It also includes lists of tricks about weapons, health, armour and money, the police, statistics, vehicles, the weather, time, etc. This will help you get much more out of this game.

You'll also be able to learn about how to personalize any of the cars included in GTA San Andreas (which make up some of the 240 vehicles in the game, which also include bicycles, a hovercraft and a combine harvester!), how to commit robberies, to survive gang wars and how to take advantage of the multiplayer options. There are also minigames to find, some of them very well hidden due to the adult nature of their content.

So get the most out of your GTA San Andreas by finding out everything with this free program.


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